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Historie a výhody PDT strojních společností

Historie a výhody PDT strojních společností
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    Společnosti PDT strojů Společnosti PDT strojů Společnosti PDT strojů



    Light source
    Red light 660±5nm,Green light 530±5nm, Blue light 415±5nm,Yellow light 590±5nm,Infrared light 850±5nm
    Output energy density
    Red light 50-80mW/cm2,Green light 70mW/cm2, Blue light 50-100mW/cm2,Yellow light 40-90mW/cm2,Infrared light 40-100mW/cm2
    PDT treatment output power
    15W/ LED bulb
    LED quantity
    300pcs of each panel (5 panels=5×300=1500pcs)
    Treatment head
    Angle adjustable
    10.4″true color touch screen
    Way of working
    Continuous or pulsed
    Power supply
    85V~260V full range,50/60HZ
    800mm×450mm×16000mm (Host) ,470mm×300mm(Treatment head)



    What PDT Machine Companies ?

    With the advancements in technology, PDT (Fotodynamická terapie) machines have become increasingly popular in the field of skincare and dermatology. In this article, we will explore the history, working principles, advantages, steps, target audience, and application industries of PDT machine companies.

    The History of PDT Machine Companies

    PDT machine companies have a rich history that dates back to the 1980s when PDT was first introduced as a medical treatment. Initially, PDT was mainly used for the treatment of certain types of cancer. However, with further research and development, PDT machines were also found to be effective in skincare and dermatology.


    Společnosti PDT strojů Společnosti PDT strojů Společnosti PDT strojů


    Working Principle of PDT Machines

    PDT machines work on the principle of using a photosensitive agent, commonly known as a photosensitizer, along with light to treat various skin conditions. The photosensitizer is applied to the skin and allowed to absorb for a specific period. Afterward, the skin is exposed to a specific wavelength of light emitted by the PDT machine. This light activates the photosensitizer, which then produces reactive oxygen species to destroy targeted cells or kill bacteria, depending on the application.

    Advantages of PDT Machines

    The advantages of PDT machines are numerous, making them a preferred choice for skincare and dermatology treatments.

    1. Painless and non-invasive procedure
    2. Minimal downtime and quick recovery
    3. Targeted treatment for specific skin issues
    4. Safe and effective for various skin types
    5. No scarring or damage to surrounding tissues
    6. Can be used as a complementary treatment with other therapies
    7. Improved overall skin texture and appearance

    Steps Involved in PDT Treatment

    PDT treatments typically involve the following steps:

    1. Cleansing and preparation of the skin
    2. Application of the photosensitizer
    3. Incubation time for the photosensitizer to absorb
    4. Exposure to the PDT machine’s light
    5. Post-treatment care and recommendations

    Who Can Benefit from PDT Treatments?

    PDT treatments are suitable for individuals who:

    1. Have acne or acne-prone skin
    2. Suffer from sun-damaged skin
    3. Experience hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone
    4. Seek anti-aging and skin rejuvenation
    5. Require treatment for precancerous skin lesions

    Application Industries

    PDT machines find applications in various industries, including:

    1. Medical spas and skincare clinics
    2. Dermatology and aesthetic centers
    3. Hospitals and cancer treatment centers
    4. Beauty salons and wellness facilities
    5. Research and development institutions

    Společnosti PDT strojů Společnosti PDT strojů Společnosti PDT strojů Společnosti PDT strojů

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    In conclusion, PDT machine companies have a significant impact on the skincare and dermatology industry. With their history, working principles, and numerous advantages, PDT machines have become a sought-after treatment option. If you are interested in becoming a local distributor or reseller of professional PDT machines, LED therapy machines, or other related equipment, please contact us via email, WhatsApp, or leave us a message. Remember, we are your professional LED therapy machine suppliers, professional LED machine wholesalers, and PDT machine and PDT light therapy machine manufacturers. Please reach out to us for any business inquiries or collaborations.

    Společnosti PDT strojů

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