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PDT Light Therapy: Unveiling the Revolutionary MAIKONG PDT Machine

PDT Light Therapy: Unveiling the Revolutionary MAIKONG PDT Machine
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    advent of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) has been a game-changer. MAIKONG, a global leader in PDT machines, brings to you their state-of-the-art technology in light therapy. V tomto obsáhlém průvodci, we delve into the intricacies of PDT light therapy, particularly focusing on MAIKONG’s revolutionary products.

    Understanding PDT Light Therapy

    Fotodynamická terapie (PDT) is a cutting-edge treatment that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to activate cellular receptors, encouraging them to produce collagen and multiply. Unlike traditional light-based therapies like lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL), which rely on thermal injury, PDT is non-ablative, meaning it doesn’t damage the skin.

    How Does PDT Work?

    PDT works by using LEDs to deliver specific light wavelengths that interact with skin cells, stimulating natural healing

    and rejuvenation processes. This interaction leads to the production of new collagen and elastin, enhancing skin health and appearance.

    Advantages of MAIKONG PDT Machines

    MAIKONG PDT machines stand out in the market for their innovative features:

    1. Diverse Light Spectrum: Offering seven specific light types for various clinical treatments.
    2. Safety and Efficiency: Utilizing safe optical technology, ensuring no risk of burning.
    3. High Power LEDs: Equipped with high-intensity piranha LEDs, providing pure and potent light.
    4. User-Friendly: Designed for easy operation without the need for a professional.
    5. Versatile Applications: Suitable for various skin types and conditions, with a wide range of clinical uses.

    Technical Specifications of MAIKONG PDT Machines

    To give you a clearer picture of what MAIKONG offers, here’s a detailed breakdown of the machine’s technical aspects and features:

    Industry-Specific Attributes

    Feature Specification
    Warranty 1 Year
    After-sales Service Video Technical Support
    Application For Commercial
    Type Standing
    Plugs Type AU, UK, EU, US, CN, JP, Za, It
    Target Area Body, Face, Legs/Arms
    Brand Name MAIKONG
    Model Number MK-PDT
    Screen 10.4 Inch True Color LCD Touch Screen
    Power Supply 85V~260V full range, 50/60HZ
    PDT Treatment Output Power 15W/ LED bulb
    LED Quantity 1500pcs (300pcs/panel x 5 panels)
    Wavelength 420-520-590-670-860nm
    Cooling System Air + Water + Semiconductor Module

    Packaging and Delivery

    Aspect Detail
    Packaging Details Aluminum Case and Carton
    Single Package Size 80X45X160 cm
    Single Gross Weight 62.000 kg
    Lead Time 15 days for 1 set, negotiable for more

    7 Colors PDT Light Machine

    Color Description Application
    Red 640nm+/-5nm Enhances cell activity, promotes collagen production Eczema, wrinkles, vitiligo
    Blue 480nm+/-5nm Anti-inflammatory

    , calming effect, improves sleep | Sensitive, oily skin, acne | | Green 520nm+/-5nm | Eases strain, relaxes, reduces blackheads | Normalizing sebaceous glands | | Purple 420+/-5nm | Bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, appetite suppressant | Acne treatment, scar repair | | Orange 590nm+/-5nm | Mood enhancement, activates cell tissue | Lymphatic detox, pigment decomposition | | Yellow 570nm+/-5nm | Calming, stress relief, sunburn cure | Skin protection, stress release | | Turquoise 450+/-5nm | Balances cell charge, oil secretion | Nutrient absorption, anti-aging |

    PDT Light Therapy: Transforming Your Skin with Maikong Technology

    Comparing PDT with Other Light Therapies

    Unlike other light-based therapies that cause thermal damage to collagen, water, or blood vessels, PDT relies on a gentler approach. This means there’s no wound healing involved, making it a safer and more comfortable option for skin rejuvenation.

    Features of MAIKONG’s PDT Machine

    1. Comprehensive Treatment: Offers seven types of light for various skin conditions.
    2. Safe and Effective: Ensures no risk of burning with high power piranha LEDs.
    3. Large Treatment Area: Efficient therapy over a broad skin area.
    4. No Post-Treatment Care: Simple and straightforward treatment with no special aftercare.
    5. Universal Suitability: Effective for all skin types without side effects.

    Using MAIKONG’s PDT Machine

    MAIKONG’s PDT machines are designed for ease of use. Whether you’re a clinician or a beauty salon owner, these machines provide a user-friendly interface, making treatments straightforward and efficient.


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